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Lagi gambar Saga facelift!!!

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*Gambar terkini dari En.Naz


Ini adalah gambar terkini Saga facelift, kali ini dengan interior. Difahamkan ia bakal dilancarkan pada 2 Disember nanti. Menurut sumber gambar ini AutoInsider Malaysia , kita bukanlah orang yang pertama bakal melihat model ini dari dekat. Proton telahpun menghantar model ini ke Thailand & mereka yang berada di sana bakal melihat model ini sehari lebih awal daripada kita. Berita yang menggembirakan ialah model ini telah menerima 7000 tempahan sebelum ianya dilancarkan menurut sumber dalaman. Model ini telah dinaik taraf dengan perubahan kosmetik yang ketara di bahagian hadapan & belakang. Dalaman pula dilengkapi dengan 2 airbag (versi premium), 1 airbag (versi biasa), 4 power window, butang audio di bahagian steering, head unit masih Clarion tapi dengan tambahan AUX jack & USB.

sumber :


96 thoughts on “Lagi gambar Saga facelift!!!

  1. interior masih macam lama lagi…

    • interior agak sukar utk di buat facelift ketara..biasanya just main tukar texture certain2 part or add-on parts. faham2 la scale economy proton utk model ini, dan dierang da byk spend kat facelift major parts exterior mcm kat lampu, bumper n bodykit..

    • Ini facelift… tukar muka… bukan tukar isi.. hehe..

  2. yg jeles ni..thailand launching lg awal? hehe.. ape2 pun mmg sgt2 WOW if tempahan kat sane dah 7k units huhu

  3. eh camane leh dah dpt tempahan 7ribu lebih sedangkan Proton xde wat pun soft launh utk model ni??

  4. Bagus… cukup hensem. Konfirm laris kete ni nanti!

    Good points: Ada 2 airbag dan 4 power windows.
    Bad points: ABS masih takde ke? At least premium line kasi la ABS dan leather seat.

    • maybe proton nak jadikan standard feature utk base spec dierang memiliki at least 1 airbag.. Y_Y (tp..alang2 buat..letak je la 2 airbag terus..aduhyai..)

      leather seat/finishing maybe reserve utk spec lg tinggi or SE/LE

  5. aircond cmane plak? harap2 dah upgrade drpd yg asal yg xde angin utk kaki..

  6. Harga lebih Rm3k!

  7. ala. yag tempah 7k tu.jgn2 showroom yg tempah awal2

  8. warna baru dah revealed.. ingatkan kaler biru camne..

  9. bagaimana boleh dpt 7000 tempahan walaupn belum ada pra-pelancaran lagi.. dengarnya.. model ini bru akan dilancarkan di KLIMS.. tapi kenapa sudah 7000 tempahan??? bila masa proton buka tempahan untuk saga ini… dan adakah saga lama akan diberhentikan pengeluarannya..
    harap model ini ada model SE macam dulu saga RED..

  10. exterior:
    1. lampu dpn, side mirror mmg cantik
    2. lampu blkg xcantik

    1. aku xgemar sgt 😛

    • apsal saga putih tu nmpk jendul?? cm x ngam jer lampu panjang dgn windscree saga yg lebar dan tiggi tuh

  11. Baca sejarah sikit

    A Proton is born

    AMONG the many contenders for Malaysian Business’ Man of the Year in 1985,none stood out so regally as the pioneers of the Proton Saga – a shining symbol of achievement in the quest for industrialisation.

    The men behind the venture have reason to be proud. In record time -just two years from inception to assembly – a national car was born. With Hicom chairman Tan Sri Jamil Mohammad Jan as their able guiding force, a young and enthusiastic team underwent exacting training stints, and toiled to shape this Malaysian dream into a reality. Malaysian Business featured the Saga pioneers in its Jan 1, 1986, issue.

    IT WAS the country’s leap into the industrial age, epitomised by one day in July 1985, when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad, with a flick of a switch, set off a slow parade of spanking new cars down an assembly line.

    The cars, conspicuous by their unabashedly patriotic logo – the yellow Islamic crescent and the 14-pointed star of the Malaysian flag – seemed deceptively familiar, if only because the public’s curiosity about the Proton Saga, had by then reached fever proportions. The nation, like everyone else, will have to wait for posterity to judge the ultimate success or failure of the Saga, but its realisation from scratch and its blazing speed between decision and implementation cumulatively make for a tale worth telling.

    The dream apparently began in 1979, as a gleam in the eye of DrMahathir, the then minister of trade and industry, who unfortunately was reluctant to deflect credit from those who gave birth to his brainchild, declining an interview to place history on record.
    He apparently was convinced of the country’s need to diversify out of its traditional commodities rut. What, he pondered, was the industry that could provide enough impetus to propel a nation onto the industrial path? The solution: build cars. Not the cars that had, since 1967, been regularly assembled locally, for with 22 makes and 105 models approved for assembly, the local automobile industry had never been efficient nor, because of the consequent lack of economies of scale, had it built up a supporting auto parts industry that was self-reliant, cost- effective or technologically innovative.

    Other countries had demonstrated effectively the multiplier effect of automaking: Japan’s Toyota is supplied by well over 30,000 subcontractors, and Mitsubishi and America’s General Motors, more than 10,000 component firms. Even South Korea, for all the pooh-poohing that accompanied the launch of its Pony, has seen the proliferation of well over 1,000 sub- contractors, all geared to support the car.

    Thus, what the private sector had failed to do for the local automobile industry, the Government, via Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional (Proton), seeks to do. By moving into large-scale automaking and by capturing a major market share, the Government hopes to form the bulwark of a business that will nurture technological innovation, one that will create a multiple demand on a number of other industries, such as the metal industry, the plastics industry, the rubber industry, components, electrical, electronics … In short, the car project is envisioned to galvanise the country’s leap into heavy industries, to not only be viable but crucially central to the country’s development.

    The project’s remarkable time-table – from mid-1983, when Proton was incorporated, till mid-1985, when local assembly started up – and the costs of developing the Saga – from Tan Sri Jamil Jan, Hicom’s chairman: `We spent precisely RM12.5 million to get the final version’ – lend credence to the fact that some sort of compromise was effected. Which was undoubtedly the case.

    `Proton took a short cut,’ says Mitsubishi’s Hiroshi Satoh. `Instead of trying to start from scratch, we opted to use existing components and then make modifications to the bodyline.’ Massive Tome. How does one work out a feasibility study to develop an automobile when it has never been attempted before? `The Japanese were instrumental here,’ agrees finance-man Kok Nam Soon: `They came across with three (reports) in the period from March to October. But we worked like hell, too. I mean, the inputs were primarily Malaysian.’ The final draft was finished by Oct 22 – a massive tome, some three inches thick, bristling with figures and technical jargon. But `it was
    feasible,’ says Mohamed Zainal, head of Hicom’s Proton project team,simply.

    `Then came the hard part. We had to condense it to a fairly concise and accurate paper for Cabinet approval.’ On the presumption that the project would go ahead, Mitsubishi Motor Corp (MMC) had already been hard at work, preparing a clay model of the exterior of the model-to-be. `You must remember that there was no formal contract, so they (MMC) were bearing all the costs,’ says Datuk Wan Nik Ismail, now executive head of Proton. `It was like going Dutch: they paid for their costs, and we paid for ours.’ Nevertheless, Malaysian designer Mohamed Azali Abdul Rahim had, together with the rest of the team, paid a visit to Japan, to familiarise themselves with the designing process and to soak up the ambience of an automobile plant.

    Dec 1 saw Cabinet approval given to the project. But even as the Cabinet was debating, the first clay model was, amidst great secrecy, being airlifted from Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur. `We were sleeping on the tarmac, waiting,’ reminisces Nisbar Nasib, the team’s corporate planner. `The plane touched down way past midnight, at the Airod hangar, next to Subang. The security was very tight. `We had Handau commandos all over the place guarding the joint. I don’t think they knew what was afoot, either.’

    The secrecy was due to a prime ministerial visit the following morning. Which, by all accounts, went off very well, except that, in Nik’s words, `a few journalists were nosing around, and we had to be a bit circumspect.’ The letter of intent was signed the next day.

    Then the negotiations began. A Japanese team came over and remained; except for changes of personnel that stayed on for well-nigh three months. `We thought it would be more advantageous to negotiate on home ground,’ explains Kok. To make sure they were not offered the short end of the stick, a British-based (automotive) consultancy company, McLellan and Partners, was hired by the team to monitor the negotiations.

    Proton, the company, was incorporated on May 7, 1983. The contract, several volumes of it, followed on May 22. What stands out about this project was its rapidity of implementation, the way it cut through bureaucratic red tape. Almost as soon as the ink
    was drying on the contract, workmen were busy on the 52-hectare site in Shah Alam doing preliminary clearing work. Starting from oil palm land and secondary jungle and working flat out, the contractors put up the plant in 19 months.

    Phone Call. Meanwhile, another facet of the project was slowly unfolding. In 1982, Datuk Eric Chia, chief executive of United Motor Works (UMW), had as much knowledge about the national car as the next man. Only a year ago, a UMW subsidiary, Sejati, had gone directly into the passenger car business, securing the Toyota franchise. `All I knew, I got from press reports,’ says Chia. Then somewhere in late 1982, a phone call from the PM’s department changed the equation.

    `The PM asked me to organise a company to sell the national car,’ recalls Chia. `He had this idea of splitting the manufacturing arm from the marketing and service wing, making them independent of one another.’ Subsequent meetings with Jamil mapped out his terms of reference: organisation, sales and service. Chia still felt undecided. While he was
    not on the board of Sejati, his group of companies still had the Toyota franchise. As he puts it: `I didn’t know how Toyota would have felt. It was difficult.’

    `I thought about it for some time,’ recollects Chia: `Sorting out various options. Then I went to see the president of Toyota and explained my position, that there would be no conflict of interest because it was different companies that were involved: that while one model – the Toyota Corolla – would compete with the Proton, the whole franchise would not. Heheard me out, and he agreed, but I wouldn’t say that he was pleased.’

    Chia gets hot under the collar about `conflicting interest’. `First, we only just got into the passenger car trade, so you might say that my group is relatively new in that field. The motor business is a dirty one, you know. Maybe, that’s why the PM picked me: he might have thought I hadn’t been long enough in the trade to get polluted.’

    F Prototypes. As Chia went back to the drawing board to plan his marketing strategies, other events were moving at a rapid fire clip. The launch of the car, originally planned for January 1986, was brought forward five months. But the Japanese seemed easily equal to the task: the first `Final (F) prototype’ of the car – then named Perkasa – was
    completed five months after the contract was signed.

    By March 1985, the Shah Alam factory had been fitted out, except for the stamping machinery. And the test runs began. On April 1, the first ever Proton Saga rolled out – it is now in the national museum. Finally on Sept 1, in a show-biz style, RM600,000 launch,the Proton Saga came of age.

  12. 7000 tempahan…dekat sini ker,dekat sana???

  13. At least lebih baik dan banyak perubahan berbanding kereta ekslusif edition itu yang mana lampu dan bumper masih sama tetapi ada 1 je warna baru dan tiada airbag langsung. 🙂


    New Toyota Avanza To Launch In Malaysia Soon

    Avanza baru? Apakah dia Avanza baru ini? Bagaimana pula sales Alza selepas Avanza baru ini keluar? Adakah ini Avanza Ekslusif Edition?

  15. Proton goes for practicality
    New Straits Times, Oct 28, 2007

    FLAMBOYANCE is good but our national car company Proton is not using that theme in its design for the time being.

    “We focus more on practicality, which is the market demand now,” said Azlan Othman, manager for Proton’s R&D Styling Department.

    Azlan, who was attached to Lotus before coming back, is now leading the department. A few years back, such a department did not exist.

    “Stylists were put under platform programmes and they (the stylists) didn’t communicate with each other,” he said.

    “Now, all of us are housed under one department and we can now focus on the same theme.”

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    The department has more than 50 staff members, including 10 designers who are responsible for designing the interior and the exterior of the vehicles. On average, they are in their mid- thirties.

    “We used to have a high staff turnover, but now it has stabilised and with almost new faces, it is easy to set a new direction,” said Azlan.

    After he was appointed the manager for the department, Azlan quickly stressed on the importance of exposure for the designers. Now he makes sure that team members visit the main motorshows around the world.

    Azlan elaborated that the company was at first very adventurous with its designs, and to achieve that many other integral parts have been sacrificed.

    This might be true as the Neo is the company’s most striking car (its exterior was penned by Azlan himself). Unfortunately, it fails miserably in terms of packaging and practicality due to its small cabin space.

    The new management now thinks that the focus should be more on what the customers want.

    “We are not saying that our styling will go bland, but we put priority more on practicality,” said the 34-year old designer from Sarawak.

    He pointed out that the Persona, which has inherited the basic design of the Gen2, was reworked in accordance with the new concept.

    “We conducted a survey with the Gen2 and we are pleased to learn that the car’s styling is the number one reason why they choose Gen2. Hence, we now need to ensure that while our products are practical, they must remain stylish,” he said.

    “The sales figure for the Persona is proof that we are heading towards the right direction.”

    Azlan signalled that Malaysians should wait for Proton’s future products.

    “I am confident that our new products will epitomise our new design concept. Simple, practical yet stylish,” he said.

    With a new model rolling out from Proton’s factory early next year, we shall see how far the new concept will work for the brand.

    • offtopic>>

      exterior gen2 2004 mmg cun.
      simple & stylish.
      aku mmg ske kaler coklat. nmpk luas.
      xde masalah kt windscreen kata ada reflection ke ape ke sbb bkn kaler itam. nape? sbb aku drive tgk jln, bknnye windscreen..hehe

      adakah dgn persona 2012 maka tamatlah gen2-persona?

  16. yg dikata 7000 tu adalah tempahan bulanan biasa bagi Saga… bukan khusus untuk saga terbaru ni saja.. sbb bukan orang tau pun pasal saga nih… aku dok masuk forum2 thailand serta site SA thailand .. takder pun depa mention pasal saga.

  17. btw aku berpendapat… lampu bontot saga ni kecik sangat… lampu dulu lebih cantik dan sesuai.. citarasa aku ler. hehe

  18. memg terbaikk laa..model saga ne…nmpk ok..mesti laku..mcm pisang panas..!!!

  19. Gambar interior yang 1 airbag sahaja dibekalkan. 🙂

  20. Dalam blog Che Det:-

    8. Sementara itu Proton Saga elektrik juga mendapat kemenangan tetapi syarikat-syarikat lain membuat protes. Pihak Proton telah membantah terhadap protes ini.

    Syarikat lain ni protes apa sebenarnya?

  21. bumper blakang ala2 inspira..depan mcm pelik coz mcm yg bro cakap..nmpk xtaula kalo tgk dekat2 kan..papepon menarik…n klo pkai mesti rasa bangga coz ini sume usaha anak mlaysia..x mcm yg ‘tu’..xde feeling klo bawak

    • Kalau diamati design Saga facelift ni lebih terarah ke 7 generation Honda Accord.

      • yup..maksud bro lampu depan dia kan terkeluar tu kan..papepon hope design language proton yg baru nnt lebih mantap n kemas..

  22. Wow ramai nyer yang minat pasal saga facelift ni, meh saya clarifykan pasal booking 7000 unit tue, so far itu info dalaman tp tak tau sah ke tak jumlah tue, cuma kalau tengok monthly Saga punya sales dalam dalam MAA, bulan2 Saga punya sale dalam 5500 units, so maybe dengan design baru ni, ramai yang order based on gambar spy shot yang da banyak kuar dalam internet ni. Skang pun Proton da stop production Saga lama n da start production Saga facelift kat production line, tu info yang saya baru dapat. apa2 pun jumlah nyer, hopefully bakal pembeli akan dapat value for money and yang paling penting maju Proton….

  23. salam.. baru lepas sembang dgn kwn tadi dia bgtau warna baru adalah
    -bronze garnet mcm persona elegance
    -blue rock
    -caffe latte

  24. caffe latte warna cam ne???

  25. ambil info dari Auto Insider Malaysia dari blognya :

    ” As for the showcar from KLIMS, from the sources indicated the car that will be showcasing would be the Saga facelift, the Inspira R3 version, Inspira Police car and Exora Extended Range EV. So far thats the only car that has been rumoured to be showcases during KLIMS. No indication yet whether Proton will bring the prototype or mock up sample of the Persona R. ”

    berita yang kurang enak untuk didengar ni, kalau la betul siap la Proton kena “bash” kaw2 nanti..hehehe.. 🙂

    • dapat tgk slide powerpoint pun jadi la…

      • alang2 bawak la concept car.. kalau Proton bawak model2 tu je rasanya xbest la KLIMS nanti..nak pulak kalau booth Perodua lebih hebat, memang malu besar..basher lak tengah isi peluru je nak tembak..hehehe..

    • Hah, xde prototype Persona R? Jadi saya tak pegi laa KLIMS. Buatpe tunjuk model yg orang dah boleh bayangkan dalam kepala? Kalau setakat Polis Inspira, sama je macam Lancer..

      EMAS pun xtunjuk? Memang batal laa hasrat nak pi. Dari Johor ni..xberbaloi setakat tengok Inspira je.

      • sabar bro..just kaba2 angin je..kaba angin pon bkn btol pon..kata2 DSZ pon xbetul..contohnya dulu diorg kata inspira x sama dgn lancer gt tp hasil nya tetap hampir ngan lancer gt jgk..kaba angin psl klims tu pon same je sy rasa..maklomla..proton kan ske berahsia…xrugi kot kalo g sana…tp kalo sume tu xde,mmg menghampakan jgk la…

      • Tak rugi sebab Batmobile dan bumblebee ada dipamerkan.

      • Sabar bro..ada juga khabar2 angin yang bertiup sepoi2 bahasa dari sumber dalaman mengatakan yang clay model Persona R juga akan dipamerkan..harap2 betulla..

    • itu insider. Bukan dsz. tapi saya harap proton letak banyak ckit kereta la. sian aku dah la dari jauh dtg tengok klims, last2 ada 4 kereta je. bek aku tengok dari blog bro campro je. kene duit tambang bas ngan tiket masuk. Google je..

      • tau xpe..kalau nak gi kena tengok kat Paultan dulu 2hb nye update sebab media punya sesi time tu..kalau ada prototype/concept dari Proton baru la sy gi..kalau x terasa macam ralat je nak travel jauh semata-mata nak tengok kereta yg sedia ada pasang bodykit & jadi patrol car.. 😦

  26. alahai..takan Emas concept pun takde… agak kehampaan ini mcm..

  27. Dgn rekaan sebegini pegguna vios n city mgkn irihati yelah keta harga lebih murah tp design x kalah dgn keta hrga lebih mahal hehe

  28. betol ke tiada bro???? pakcik saya cakap ada… emas juga di pamirkan….

  29. Pada pndangan mata aku berdasarkan spy shoot di atas:

    isk…xkan lampu belakang dia nampak kecik?mcm xsesuai dgn. body saga yg nmpak tinggi ni..lampu dpn tu grill chrome melintang tu “terlalu over” utk. saga yg. menjadi base model proton ni.kalau kekalkan “honeycomb” dan logo mcm saga sebelumnya lg ok…shape bumper dpn saga ni pun mcm exora.cermin sisi cun sama jenis dgn persona E.
    Mungkin kalau tgk. kt jalan saga ni nampak cun…xleh nk judge dr. gambar ni…Dan Harap2 lg. cun dari saga SE..

  30. warna biru tu nampak lawa. cube cek nh..

    • Mana dapat gambar ni bro?
      Tapi agak sikit gelap gambar ni,tapi saya rasa versi standard agaknya,alloy rim pun tak kelihatan.

  31. ntah.. saya google je. Jumpe gambar, tengok2, lepas tu letak link untuk kite smua. Tapi org tu kate die pun amik dari org..

  32. Bagi saya body shape Saga perlu dikekalkan pada masa akan datang,tapi model generasi baru nanti kenalah lebar sikit dan roofline kena ada curve sikit.Seeloknya buatlah versi wagon,nanti boleh tembus pasaran negara lain.

    • ada kemungkinan saga replacement nanti ada kesinambungan dari emas…mungkin untuk “cut cost” development & masa elok buat macam tu, contoh dah ada Mazda2, 3, Fiesta semua ada versi hatchback & sedan.. 🙂 saga blm ni pu asalnya dari savvy jugak, so Proton dah ada pengalaman bab2 ni.. 🙂

      • betul tu pon dapat rasakan saga akan terhasil dr platfom model emas..papepon xdpt nak bygkan rupa saga r..skrg ni yg xsbr nak tgk adalah persona r n suv proton(klo jd ikut apa yg dickp sblm ni..)

      • if on platform emas rasanya adalah sesuai dgn package dan keperluan segment itu namun if ia di continuekan (mcm cut n paste) dari emas production rasanya proportion akan lari dari erti sedan basic look..ia akan jadi mirip honda city generasi sebelumnya atau vios. namun jikalau itulah rupa mendatang terhadap rekabentuk engine dan body yg front dan rear overhang lebih pendek nampaknya kita kena terima hakikat kereta2 bermuka dan ekor kontot sprti ini..hehe

        *ada juga regulation knp rekabentuk kenderaan modern skrg ini jadi sedemikian rupa akibat undang2 keselamatan jalan raya, keselamatan pejalan kaki, efek perlangaran dan akta2 keselamatan/alam sekitar.

        utk kekalkan economic scale utk develop model2 ini, rasenye kena fikir lebih dari sekadar share common parts, diverse market approach kena lebih meluas yakni besarkan pasaran utk dpt scala yg lagi berpatutan. namun ini agak masih pelahan utk proton yg baru ingin menjenguk pasaran global…

      • betul tu bro, Proton kena pastikan yang design tu nanti betul2 proportion & xnampak pelik..kalau dapat tahap Mazda3 memang hebat, sebab Mazda3 je yang nampak sempurna dalam bentuk sedan & hatchback.. cuba tengok Lancer, sedan ok, sportback hodoh xmacam concept car dia..

      • btul pon xsuke lancer sportback..sbb blakang dia sy xberkenan..even blakang satria lg ok..ntahla..taste masing2..

  33. Dpn terlalu ‘slick’ , erti kata nmpak sharp. Mcm kurang kene dengan bahagian badan yg agak tinggi dan bontot pendek. Pada aku sesuai di design pada kete yg body panjang dan berbumbung rendah mcm persona.. apa2 pun, syabas lah Proton.

  34. aku tgh tggu keta free je nie..ari keluaga proton..dapat inspira ke..saga nie memang cantik..aku dah tgk depan mata..

  35. satu je part interior die x tukar…speedometer graphic…

    alangkah cantiknya kalu dia wat mcm Persona elegance

    *BTW pendapat peribadi saja la…meter design graphic kereta proton mcm kurang umpphh..jika banding ngn perodua….tengok myvi EZi ngn Alza Ezi…nmpak coool..

    harap Proton buat yg terbaik

  36. bro,ap fungsi lampu kt bumper blkg savvy 2…
    open gambar ke-5…

    • itu untuk dlm keadaan berkabus agaknya..selalunya spec UK yg ade mende alah tu…huhuhu

    • wah… site proton edar berwajah baru… cantik dan lebih laju… baru kelmarin aku check masih wajah lama. syabas

      • harap web Proton pun tukar lain la..lebih berinformasi, laju, sentiasa update & mesti highlight pada R&D serta future model & tech.. baru la senang dapat info sahih..

    • sebenarnya saya penah tanya bro campro pasal die pakai savvy. saya pun pelik sebenarnya tapi baru aya teringat, Chery easter ada bende nh..

      • savvy saya xde lampu kat bumper tu, xperasan pulak savvy baru ada ke x..tu mungkin mcam lampu brek ke-3 gak kot, blink bila kita org belakang kita akan alert la..

      • savvy baru pun x d. Uk nye spec pun x d..

      • sy rasa ni Savvy tuk pasaran UK yang baru kot,klau neo uk pun ada extra rear light 2 tp kat tgh…sy rsa function dia sama mcm ester kot.

  37. lampu di belakang mcm chery easter,fiat coupe,chevy aveo utk fog light.belah europe mmg kete ada lmpu tu kt sana ada salji

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