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Laporan tahunan Proton 2011

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Laporan tahunan Proton 2011 telah pun keluar. Nampaknya banyak info menarik boleh didapati dalamnya sebagai contoh :

“In November 2011, the new Exora Turbo will be produced. The new engine that is being developed by both PROTON and Lotus Engineers, comes with a powerful 138bhp to a maximum of 151bhp. The exterior will also be improved with sport rims, smoke lenses, rear combi lamp, chrome front radiator grille with black ribs and deep titanium finishing lamp. The stylish body kit, sporty alloy rims and the new interior look of tempest gray are designed to attract younger drivers who appreciate aesthetic touches.” – Info mengenai Exora Turbo & enjin CFE.

“Our Global Small Car programme is also progressing according to schedule and barring any unforeseen
circumstances, 2013 will be another defining year for PROTON as we venture further into the global arena. Based on the EMAS (Eco-Mobility Advanced Solution), the Global Small Car promises to be an exciting product proposition not only for PROTON but for Lotus as well, and this would be the first time such
an arrangement is entered into by both companies.” – Info mengenai EMAS (kereta kecil global Proton).

“Lastly, we will introduce our first locally produced global car to be manufactured at the Tanjung Malim plant. The new car is now being tested for production optimisation and production is expected to commence by early February 2012. The new car will not only possess the latest trend in looks and style but it also comes with several new technology features and enhancements.” – Info mengenai Persona R.

“For example, 14 parts of the body in white are composed of a very hard metal derived through a process called Hot Press Forming (HPF). This new high technology process is a first in Malaysia and South East Asia. With this process, the parts can withstand a force of 1,500 mega Pascal. Hence with the addition of these parts, it is possible for PROTON to have a five star ncap rating car. Another new production technology is the rolled hemming process. By this process each area can be finely tuned to give optimum pressure and hence higher quality. These production technologies are a cost reduced investment and are expected in the future, to reap benefits for PROTON and decrease costs further.” – Info mengenai Hot Press Forming (HPF).

“For the next fiscal year, the production of Gen.2, Savvy and Satria Neo will cease. This is to make way
for the production of our new first global car, the replacement for the Persona. Although the current
Persona model still commands a respectable volume, the company has formulated new replacement models
as a refreshed effort not only to improve product but also as a means to increase the capabilities of
our people.” – Gen.2, Savvy & Satria Neo bakal ditamatkan pengeluaran tahun depan, mungkin Persona R hatchback akan gantikannya.

Terima kasih pada bro Nahar ARS yang bagi link ini, 🙂